Thermometer PT 100

Thermometer PT 100

Thermometer PT 100 : suitable for precision measurements

For temperature control in laboratory, in transport field, Pharmaceutical Industry, Food industry and in every manufacturing sector.

It is available a wide range of PT 100 temperature probe suitable for many applications as measurement in liquids, solid , air and contact on surface.

Accuracy and response time of PT 100 :There are different class of accuracy for PT 100 probes, most popular are in A class and for more accurate answer are available probe in 1/5 DIN class

Item: 50011012

TEMP 7 Pt 100 including carry case, without Probe

Portable thermometer , with microprocessor, for Pt100probes . Reading the MIN and MAX values, stability indicator of the measurement. Protected calibration on one point with indicating the correction made. ….

Item: 50011082

TEMP 70 Pt 100 including carry case, without Probe

Portable thermometer GLP Data Logger, with microprocessor, for probes Pt100 Resolution 0.01 and 0.1 °C. Multifunction backlit display. Indicator of stability of the measurement. Displaying date and time. Stability criteria measurement adjustable (Low-Med-High). Function Data Logger manual and automatic. …

Item: 51000202

Temperature Probe PT100 PT56L


Item: 51000212

Temperature Probe PT100 PT56C


Item: 51000222

Temperature Probe PT100 PT56P


Item: 51000232

Temperature Probe PT100 PT56A


Item: 51000242

Temperature Probe PT100 PT56L 1-5DIN


Item: 51000252

Temperature Probe PT100 PT56TFE


Item: 51000262

Temperature Probe PT100 PT56-500


Item: 51000272

Temperature Probe PT100 PT56-1000