100V 200A Finished Battery Pack Comprehensive Tester

100V 200A Finished Battery Pack Comprehensive Tester

Model Number : TMAX-BTS100-20-200
Dimension(L*W*H) : 850*700*920mm
Compliance : CE Certified
Warranty : Two years limited warranty with lifetime technical support
Update : Optional
Shipping Port : Xiamen Port
Payment : L/C D/A D/P T/T Western Union
Delivery Time : 5day

1. Equipment introduction
The comprehensive test equipment for finished battery is a fast and accurate test equipment for the performance of finished battery. The main test items include: open circuit voltage, AC internal resistance, discharge test, discharge over-current test, short-circuit protection test, charging test and charging protection test. The system uses 32-bit ARM processor and 16 bit AD converter for voltage and current. Compared with the similar equipment, the system has the advantages of fast test speed, high test precision and support for multiple devices to operate at the same time. It is widely used in automobile electronics, aerospace, ship, solar energy storage, electric bicycle, electric motorcycle, backup power battery, communication power supply, etc.

2. Main features of the equipment
1. The continuous output power of the equipment is 2kW.
2. The continuous load power of the equipment is 12KW.
3. The maximum test voltage is 100V. (can be customized according to requirements)
4. Maximum charging current (20A), discharge current (100A) and discharge over-current (200A). (can be customized according to requirements)
5. Programmable control of test items.
6. Friendly man-machine interface of upper computer.
7. Support one upper computer software to control 8 devices.
8. The device supports serial port and network communication with upper computer.
9. Test records can be saved to database (SQL) or file (Excel).
10. Support test project export and import function.
11. The equipment supports charging and discharging of the same port and split port batteries.
12. The device supports the function of charging and activating battery.
13. Battery unit consistency evaluation test.
14. Battery pack internal resistance test.
15. Battery pack load test.
16. Battery pack high current protection test.
17. Battery authenticity short circuit protection test.
18. Battery continuous charging test.
19. Battery pack high current charging protection test.
20. The input voltage of the equipment is AC220V / 50Hz. (input line must be grounded)
21. The input shell of the equipment is well grounded.

3. Test items
1. Open circuit voltage: test the voltage at both positive and negative ends of open circuit battery.
2. AC internal resistance: test the resistance at both ends of the battery discharge circuit.
3. Discharge test: test the continuous load capacity of the battery, let the battery discharge continuously for a certain time, and check the voltage drop.
4. Discharge over-current test: test the battery high current discharge protection function and trigger the battery protection board discharge over-current protection function.
5. Short circuit protection: test battery positive and negative pole short circuit battery cut-off protection time (microsecond level).
6. Charging test: test the battery continuous charging function, and test whether the battery charging function is good.
7. Charging over-current test: test the battery high current charging protection function, and the battery protection board charging current protection function is triggered by the battery high current charging.

4. Test range resolution

5. Equipment accessories