Battery Explosion-Proof Test Chamber

Battery Explosion-Proof Test Chamber for Battery Over-Charging & Forced Discharging Test

Model Number : TMAX-TE
Compliance : CE Certified
Warranty : 1 Year limited warranty with lifetime support
MOQ : 1
Payment : L/C D/A D/P T/T Western Union

Battery explosion-proof box is mainly used for personal safety protection in battery safety performance test. In over-charge and over-discharge, charge and discharge test and other tests, the battery is placed in explosion-proof box and external charge and discharge tester. Protect operators and instruments.

1. Electric wood boards or Te-flon tapes are placed inside the test box, which can effectively insulate and flame retardant, and can be easily cleaned up.
2. There are two circular wiring ports at the rear of each layer of box body to facilitate the passage of test wiring.
3. There is a separate test panel to control the lighting and exhaust of each test room, and an external strong exhaust fan.
4. There is thermal insulation design between each layer, which can avoid mutual influence test.
5. Explosion-proof cold handle door lock;
6. The rear part of the box body is provided with two circular wiring ports with a diameter of 50mm, which is convenient for the test connection to pass.
7. Lighting system with separate exhaust system;
8. The rear side of the box is equipped with an exhaust fan (φ120 mm) and an exhaust duct, which can be connected to a strong exhaust fan in the laboratory.
9. Thermal insulation design can avoid interaction test.
10.The door is connected with the box body by a strong hinge, explosion-proof cold handle door lock