Automatic Double Sides 8-Axis Electric Rotary Welding

Automatic Double Sides 8-Axis Electric Rotary Welding Head Spot Welding Machine with Transistor Welding Power

Model Number : TMAX-ZW-10000A
Type : Automatic
Dimension(L*W*H) : 1400mm*1100mm*1720mm
Net Weight : 330kg
Compliance : CE Certified
Warranty : Two years limited warranty with lifetime technical support
Update : Optional
Shipping Port : Xiamen Port
Payment : L/C D/A D/P T/T Western Union
Delivery Time : 20 day


1. Production Series 8-axis double weld head rotation series
2. Y Directional maximum moving distance 500mm
3. Z Directional maximum moving distance 400mm
4. X Directional maximum moving distance 500mm

Function Description
1. Adopt universal numerical control system to make control more standardized product adaptability is stronger.
2. The full touch screen manual interface, the device debugging programming is at a glance, English operation interface.
3. Digital servo motor driver guarantees accurate positioning.
4. Work storm design facing production site, easy to operate.
5. Dispensing Miyachi Series Point Solder Power Supply Solder Reliability.
6. Double Welding Head independently controls different angular spot welding, solves different problems with differential problems with differential incision angles.
7. After programming, you can also fix each point snippet, an angle setting.
8. Non-automatic alarm, manual control,automatic positioning.

Application range
It is mainly suitable for various cylindrical cell combined spot welding of 18650,21700,26650,32700.
NB/Power Tool/Gardening Tool/High Power/Electronic Motorcycle/Electric Motorcycle/Electric Vehicle and other modified lithium battery packs can be used with lithium battery pack production lines.

Debugging Items:
1.Quickly set the work piece coordinate original.
2. Personalized writing spot welding procedures(simple leaning 1-hour learning)
3.Spot welding program debugging
4. Adjust the welding head stroke mechanism
5. Matching pinner
6. Set the welder parameters

Main Configuration
1. 10000A Transistor welding power supply 2pcs X Y direction Left side
2. 200W Panasonic (JAPAN) Servo motor 2pcs X Y direction Right side
3. 100W Panasonic (JAPAN) Servo motor 2pcs Z direction
4. 57 steps Motor rotating welding head:2 pcs independent development
5. Spot module-Taiwan’s TBI
6. Rod rail-Taiwan’s HIWIN rail
7. Forced water cooling cycle to ensure welding does not heat
8. Sensor-Omron sensor
9. Controller:8 a-axis high precision independent research and development control system
10. Relay-IDEC Relay (JAPAN)
11. Cyclinder-Start
12. Anti-stick needle and head rotation-Welding rotary head.

Major technical parameters
1. X direction itinerary: 500mm is equivalent to 18650 cells: 24pcs
2. Y direction itinerary: 500mm is equivalent to 18650 cells: 13pcs
3. cell height: any cylindrical battery of 65mm and 70mm height can be adapted
4.Relocate accuracy:0.1mm
5. Weld head pressure:1-5kgf optional adjustable
6. Weld head rotation angle: 135 degrees
7. Welding platform load:35kg (maximum)
8. Welding platform movement speed:25 meters per minutes (maximum)
9. Power: 220V 50/60Hz
10. Power capacityL 6KS
11. Power consumption: Busy-2.3KW, Idle: 0.3KW
12. Gas source pressure:0.001L/s
13.Gas source interface: 8mmd tracheal direct
14. Equipment size:1400W*1100mmH*1720mm L
15. Weight:330 kg