Molelement 810 series

Molelement at a glance

The Molecular™ Molelement system is a cost effective means of producing analytical grade water. Pretreatment, reverse osmosis module, deionization cartridge, storge tank, UV sterilizer are all integrated into one system. Various system options are available to fulfill your lab needs. Components of the system free of charge for one year warranty (consumables except).


● Built in RO membrane fouling prevention program,RO membrane cleaning manual button.
● Touch keyboard control, self-test, water shortage protection alarm, power-off protection.
● IC microcomputer intelligent control, built-in automatic cycle timing of ultra pure water to maintain the water quality of ultra pure water.
● Water resistance on-line monitoring.
● Upgrade function for the quality and quantity of outlet water.
● Easy to clean, disinfect and drain off the waste water.
● Digital display the time of regular intake or the water pressure.

2018 Catalog of Molecular lab water treatment machine
2018 Catalog of molecular water purifiaction system




Technical specifications of Molresearch laboratory water system

Working Process


● Sample pretreatment. e.g.: reagents preparation, laboratory washing and tissue cleaning.
● Conventional physical and chemical analysis experiment. e.g.: Toxicity test,quantitative analysis of trace element, buffer solution.
● HPLC/LC-MS organic analysis.
● IC/ICP-MS element analysis.