pH 70+DHS FOOD portable pHmeter (complete)+ Double-Pore T-NTC

pH 70+DHS FOOD portable pHmeter (complete)+ Double-Pore T-NTC
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pH 70+ DHS Food

portable pH meter with DHS sensors management, with triple power (via PC, network and battery) output with USB for PC connection. With microprocessor and manual or automatic temperature compensation with probe NT 55. Large backlight display with 3 colours, with simultaneous display of pH (mV) and temperature values of buffers used for calibration. GLP with date and time of last calibration. Function “CAL TIMER” for setting the frequency of recalibration. Function “Stability” and setting the criteria for measurement stability (Low-Med-High). Automatic calibration up to 3 points. Buffers selectable NIST, USA (8 values) and two user-defined values. Data Logger with manual or automatic memory / recall up to 500 data with date and time. Protective Rubber with bench support. Messages of self-diagnosis, sleep . 5 year warranty on the electronics. IP57 Waterproof.

Measuring range: pH -2.00 … 16.00 (0,1-0,01 pH); mV -199.9 … + 199.9 / -1999 … + 1999 (0.1 / 1 mV); °C -10.0 … + 110.0 (0.1 °C)

Complete of electrode  XS Sensor 2 Pore T with integrated temperature sensor, 1 m fixed cable, BNC plug and Cinch connector for temperature sensor, 220V AC adapter, PC-Link software with USB cable for data download to PC, coloured pH buffers and instructions for use, in carrying case.