Automatic Small Disc Tape Cutting Machine

Automatic Small Disc Tape Cutting Machine for Battery Research and Production

Model Number : TMAX-RT-3000
Dimension(L*W*H) : 250mm x 150mm x 120mm
Net Weight : 2.12kg
Compliance : CE Certified
Warranty : One years limited warranty with lifetime technical support
Payment : L/C D/A D/P T/T Western Union
Delivery Time : 15 day

• Cut and place the tape on the turntable, then press the switch button.
• The cutting length is limited to 9 mm to 61 mm; and the width is limited to 3 mm to 25 mm.
• Free-form spools for different sizes of tape
• Easy to replace the blade

Tapes of different diameters can be placed to cut different types of tape. Material tape can be used: white hot wire, acetic acid tape, glass cloth, double-sided tape, ordinary tape

Technical Parameters:
• RT3000/tape cutting machine/adhesive paper cutting machine
• Tape length: 10mm-60mm
• Tape width: 5mm-25mm
• The maximum outer diameter of the tape roll: 150mm
• Power supply: 220-240V, 120V, 100V
• Product specifications: 250mm (deep) x 150mm (height) x 120mm (width)
• Product weight: 2.12kg