Molgene 610 series

Molgene at a glance

Built on the same proven technology as the Molecular™ MOLA, the Molecular™ Molgene is our advanced configuration lab water purifier. DOW reverse osmosis membrane ensures stable running and high desalinization rate. Build-in ultra pure package and pretreatment package with RFID chip. 30 L water tank to save the space, the external water tank can be also supplied to meet different requirement of the water flow.

Options available for the Molgene

● Touch keyboard control, self-test, water shortage protection alarm, power-off protection.
● Built in RO membrane fouling prevention program,RO membrane cleaning manual button.
● IC microcomputer intelligent control, built-in automatic cycle timing of ultra pure water to maintain the water quality of ultra pure water.
● Water resistance on-line monitoring.
● Upgrade function for the quality and quantity of outlet water.
● Easy to clean, disinfect and drain off the waste water.
● Digital display the time of regular intake or the water pressure.
● The components of the system free of charge for one year warranty (consumables except).

2018 Catalog of Molecular lab water treatment machine
2018 Catalog of molecular water purifiaction system




Technical specifications of Molresearch laboratory water system

Water deionizer Consumable parts


● Sample pretreatment. e.g.: reagents preparation, laboratory washing and tissue cleaning;
● Conventional physical and chemical analysis experiment. e.g.: PH. TOC testing;
● HPLC/LC-MS organic analysis, electrophoresis;
● Molecular biology related experiment; e.g: PCR, DNA/RNA preparation, protein analysis.