Molbiochem 910 series

Molecular™ Molbiochem Series

The Molecular™ Mobiochem is specially made for biochemical analyzer matched used, system is a cost effective means of producing analytical grade water. Pretreatment, reverse osmosis module, deionization cartridge, storage tank, UV sterilizer are all integrated into one system. It can supplied to ROCHE, Hitachi, Olympus,Sysmex, Siemens, Mindray etc biochemistry analzyers.

● Self-test, water shortage protection ,alarm, power-off protection.
● Auto pause if water reach high level in tank.
● Built-in RO membrane fouling prevention program, RO membrane cleaning manual button.
● IC microcomputer intelligent control, built-in automatic cycle timing of ultra pure water to maintain the   water quality of ultra pure water.
● Water resistance on-line monitoring.
● Easy to clean, disinfect and drain off the condensed water.
● Digital display the time of regular intake.

2018 Catalog of Molecular lab water treatment machine
2018 Catalog of molecular water purifiaction system





Water deionizer Consumable parts


● Clinical laboratory in hospital
● Blood station
● Research lab
● Directly connect to biochemical analyzer or other biochemical tests