Lovibond® Tintometer® PFXi-880/IP17

Lovibond® Tintometer® PFXi-880/IP17

The Institute of Petroleum’s standard method IP 17 specifies that the color of petroleum products is determined in terms of either Lovibond® values (Method A), or a restricted range of 14 color standards IP Units (Method B). The Lovibond® PFXi-880/IP17 is a limited-scale, automatic colorimeter for color measurement according to both Lovibond® RYBN Color and IP Units. Results can also be displayed in terms of CIE values and spectral data.

Remote Calibration & Maintenance Service via internet (RCMSi)

Color measurement instruments need regular checking with calibration standards to ensure correct operation and compliance to established international standards. RCMSi is the process in which a number of tightly controlled calibration liquids are measured in a 50 mm cell* via the Calibration function of a PFXi. The data is communicated via the internet to a secure server and compared to Master Data. If the data passes within tolerance, then a Certificate of Calibration is e-mailed to the user. This allows The Tintometer Ltd to ensure a PFXi instrument is operating correctly and fully calibrated using ISO 17025 certified standards. So, users can be 100% confident that all PFXi readings are reliable. In addition, RCMSi eliminates the timely and costly need to return equipment to a service center unnecessarily.
Note: Please register before performing your first calibration. Certificates of Calibration are provided post process.
*(Please note 50mm cell must be used when performing RCMSi calibration.)


Color Scales * Scope Range Resolution
IP Units Light colored products such as refined, undyed motor fuel, white spirit or kerosene. Water White (0.25) to standard White (4.0) 6”
Lovibond® RYBN Color) Petroleum products in terms of Lovibond Red,Yellow and Blue units 0 – 70 Red, Yellow; 0 – 40; Blue; 0 – 3.9 Neutral 1 / 16 ” – 5 1 / 4
CIE Values (ASTM E308) X Y Z tristimulus values; x y Y chromaticity coordinates; CIE L*a*b* color space; E color difference Defined by spectrum locus
Spectral data (420 – 710 nm) Transmittance 0 – 100% 0.01%


Color Analysis made Simple

The PFXi-880/IP17 colorimeter is an easy to use, automatic instrument. The menu system guides operators through the selection of operating parameters. Thereafter, measurements are initiated by just a single key press and take less than 25 seconds to complete. When measuring IP Units of clear, water-white products, the long sample path length ensures precise color measurements, without multiplying errors.

Confidence in Instrument Performance

The PFXi-880/IP17 is a rugged colorimeter with a fabricated steel housing which is designed to function equally as a QC instrument within the laboratory or on 24 hour operation in a production environment. A diagnostic test routine allows users to conduct periodic checks on the instrument or identify faults. For regular conformance testing the colorimeters are also supplied with a colored glass filter from the appropriate color scale.

Optional Items for Individual Applications

Integrated heater unit
A factory fitted option to prevent heated samples such as waxes from solidifying in the cell.
Windows software for data capture on PC
Allows data sets to be automatically downloaded to a PC computer where they can be processed or stored.
Conformance filter sets
For quick and simple conformance checks, sets of graded glass filters, representing a spread of colors from the Lovibond® RYBN Color scale or IP Units, are available.
Certified color reference standards
Ideal for routine calibration and verification of test data.


Measuring principle 16 interference filters
Spectral response 420 – 710 nm
Bandwidth 20 nm
– chromaticity (x y) ± 0.0002
– transmittance ± 0.25 %
– Saybolt values ± 1
Measurement time Less than 25 seconds
Calibration Single key press; fully automated
Light source 5 Volt, 10 Watt tungsten halogen lamp (lens ended)
Illuminant CIE Illuminant C
Path length 0.1 – 153 mm
Interface Parallel printer port, RS 232 port
Input voltage Universal, via external power supply
Approvals CE
Display 2 x 40-character, back-lit LCD
Keypad 21-key membrane keypad; washable polyester with audible feedback
Instructions 7 languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch
Heater unit Factory fitted option, 95°C max
Instrument housing Fabricated sheet steel with tough, textured paint finish
Dimensions Width 515mm, depth 195mm, height 170mm
Weight 7.75 kg

The Lovibond® PFXi-880/IP17 is supplied complete with 3 optical glass cells (1”, 5 1/4” and 6”), a calibrated glass conformance filter, a spare lamp and instructions.