Automatic Double Servo High Speed Die Cutting Machine

Automatic Double Servo High Speed Die Cutting Machine

Model Number : TMAX-XY-350
Compliance : CE Certified
Warranty : One year limited warranty and lifetime support
Payment : L/C D/A D/P T/T Western Union
Delivery Time : 20 day

The die cutter is mainly used for pouch cell electrode sheet cut for stacking pouch cell/polymer battery. It is a necessary tool in the production line of pouch cell to produce specific shapes of cathodes and anodes.


Application range

Adhesive products, backlight, dust screen, copper foil, aluminum foil, protective film, PE, pet, optical film, black-and-white adhesive, frame adhesive, single and double-sided adhesive, Mylar, foam and other materials.


Main Features

1.Adopt advanced computer digital drawing system, double servo drive, PLC program control, touch screen operation, fast die cutting speed and high efficiency.

2. Overall design:

① the feed frame adopts the fine adjustment device to make the adjustment more convenient and quick;

② stainless steel plates are used for die-cutting parts, material inlet and outlet and feeding frame, and scale is corroded to make the material easier to adjust. The machine has the advantages of high precision, low noise and high speed;

④ driven by servo main motor, stamping is more stable and power saving.

3. Die cutting part:

① installable: carving mold, wood mold, rubber mold, corrosion mold, hardware mold;

② it can easily realize automatic punching for many times, with high accuracy of nesting;

③ it can be thrust fully or thrust half;

④ equipped with mirror light curtain safety protection device to ensure the safety of operators;

4. Automatic oil supply system to ensure the service life and stability of the machine;

5. It can be used online with laminating machine, slicing machine and other equipment.