TTT Tapping-Torque-Test

TTT Tapping-Torque-Test


Visualise the Effectiveness of Lubricants.
The TTT Tapping-Torque-Testsystem is a multiple development system which with the help of torque and temperature measurement visualises real evidence of decisive process-parameters during forming and machining.

This submits a reliable predication about the performance ability of lubrication media, tool geometries and coatings


  • Practical multi-development laboratory system
  • Smart handling and methods for faultless measurement results
  • Significant results for the evaluation of lubricants (additives), tools and coatings
  • Increase of added value, e.g. by raising process speed
  • Prolongation of tool life / controllable tool wear

The Difference

  • The TTT Standard and Methods realise specified comparable and repeatable results
  • The identified TTT results are comparable, both internally and within different laboratory groups
  • The TTT improves transparency of complex properties of tribological technique and provides insights which have proven their worth in practice
  • The TTT Method creates the possibility to recognize the “Carry-over-Effect” and simultaneously utilise it for valuable conclusions

Target Audience

As an evidencing device for performance, quality, functionality and effectiveness the TTT Tapping-Torque-Testsystem is qualified for:

  1. Lubricant and additive manufacturers
  2. Metal-working respectively tapping tool manufacturers and coating industry
  3. Decision makers / users of process secured production acc. to IQ, PQ and OQ

Measured Data

  1. Torque (Mz in Ncm) as a value for the afforded work load
  2. Mean Value (Mean) as a value for the afforded work load in average
  3. Standard Deviation (Std. Dev.) as a value for the mean deviation of torque around the Mean Value
  4. Gaussian Distribution (frequency distribution) of torques occurred, as histogram (Statistics)
  5. Integral (INT) as a value for total load on measurement tool
  6. Temperature Delta T (∆T) as a value for thermal influences on the work process through ingredients like e.g. water, additives and also coatings, for the interpretation of tribological procedures


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Tapping Torque Test System

The TTT-System basically consists of a torque-controlled thread tapping machine complemented with standardized measuring devices (TTT Standard) and recommendations (TTT Methods) and a specialized evaluation and analysis software. With the TTT-System it is now possible to efficiently and inexpensively test the effectiveness of lubricating media.

Components of the TTT Tapping Torque Test Systems

  • microtap tapping unit „labtap“
  • TTT Analysis-Software
  • MPT Positioning XY Table
  • Temperatur-Sensor-Equipment TSE
  • Standarized measurement tools


TSE Temperatur-Sensor-Equipment
The TSE measures temperature values which are used to determine heat which is produced while cutting (Delta T).


SPT Thailand Authorisation Letter

◄SPT Authorisation Letter