SNOL 670-650 N

SNOL 670/650

Special top loading electric oven SNOL 670/650 is designed for spring industry. It is also suitable for various thermal treatment processes up to 650°C, e.g. drying, preheating, normalization and other similar purposes.

  • Control box separately,
  • Ventilation motors on the bottom,
  • Reinforced bottom, max load 300kg,
  • Heating from 4 sides, tubular heating elements (U shape),
  • Metal retort Ø630mm, depth 1150mm.
  • Insulation with rock wool (complete lack of asbestos),
  • Inside casing in 304 stainless steel,
  • Outside casing in metal sheet, powder painting grey (RAL 7035), frame black,
  • Door opening on the top,
  • Door safety switch,
  • OTP (over temperature protection),
  • SSR relay




























SNOL products are equipped with high-precision digital microprocessor Omron or Eurotherm temperature controllers fitted with self-tuning and manual PID settings. Temperature measurement is supported by thermocouple. The customer can select a basic or programmable temperature controller, which offers up to 32 programming segments (rate of temperature rise or decrease control, maintenance of pre-set temperature, automatic shutdown). A wide range of devices allows selecting the most appropriate controller for your process.



SNOL V2.0 is computer software for data recording, viewing and configuring the temperature controller running your thermal treatment process. The software is designed for Windows operating system. Computer software allows simply run, review and display charts on thermal process temperatures and other settings.

  • Supports up to 4 computer ports,
  • Control of device parameters and programs via computer,
  • Live, remote data viewing and configuration ,
  • Graphical representation of the data,
  • Data export to Microsoft Excel format,
  • Ability to observe the process in a distance by internet,
  • Connections RS-232 and RS-485,
  • Multiple language entry (ability to install necessary language).




The main function of the timer is remote start of the furnace. The timer works in real-time. During the operation, the output contact of the timer is operated according to the settings of the dial-switches. However, at all time it is possible to manually override this operation for each channel individually.

  • Start and stop 24 hour / 7 day operation,
  • Stores up to 20 programs with up to 10 ON and 10 OFF events/day,
  • Manual 3-way override,
  • 16 Amp, 277 VAC resistive SPDT output contacts,
  • Reserve carryover: 3 years (non-replaceable battery),
  • 3 languages option,
  • Available only with Omron devices.




The 6100E/6100A Eurotherm 6 Channel, Ethernet Communications Paperless Graphic Recorder brings you Eurotherm excellence in a basic package to ensure you can meet your simple data recording requirements. The unit is ideal for basic visualization and recording requirements and makes an excellent replacement for small strip chart recorders – bringing you all of the cost benefits, security and flexibility of secure electronic data files.