OilLab 510 – Foaming Tester

OilLab 510 – Foaming Tester

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ASTM D6082
DIN 51566
IP 146
ISO 6247

CE marked


Foaming characteristics of lubricating oils: this test method covers the determination of the foaming characteristics of lubricating oils at 24°C and 93.5°C. Means of empirically rating the foaming tendency and the stability of the foam are described.

Main Features

  • Four test position heated air bath for measuring the foaming tendencies of lubricating oils in the temperature range of +20 to +150°C.
  • Compact and robust analyzer painted with epoxy paint.
  • Automatic analyser as for ASTM D892 and ASTM D6082.
  • The electronic board grant the digital display of the signals with a resolution of 0.01 and precision of ± 0.1°C.
  • Long temperature probe is positioned for digital control and test sample temperature and precise temperature control during the foaming process.
  • 4 independent micro pump and 4 independent digital airflow meter indicating mass air flow with automatic flow controllers are used for precisely measuring and controlling the amount of air delivered to the air diffuser.
  • The airflow is controlled at either a rate of 94 or 200 ±5 mL/min, depending if testing by ASTM D892 or D6082, respectively.
  • The parameters are displayed during the test on the touch screen allows the operator selection and full adjustment of all test parameters.
  • The labLink software include operator name , filename, 4 independent analysis, diagnostic and calibration menu.
  • A multi-pane insulated window allows full view of the test cylinder for observation of the foam.
  • The unit is supplied with the built in cooling system made by integrated Peltier modules (LAB-510-18-01) able to maintain the chamber temperature below +24°C.
  • Internal rack able to accommodate 4 test cylinder with warm light.
  • The 7” PC with resolution of 480 x 800, 1 × usb port, equipped with the Lablink software with both ASTM D892 and D6092 test methods, for automatic start /stop soak time, audible alarm after completing soak time.
  • Precision as per test method requirements: ±0.5°C.
  • Equipment precision: ±0.1°C.
  • Temperature display definition: 0.01°C.
  • Max temperature as per test method requirements: 150°C.
  • Equipment maximum temperature: 180°C, in controlled lab temperature environment.

Integrated Touch Screen Panel PC

  • TFT/LCD 7”
  • Resolution 480 × 800
  • 1 USB port


  • Real time display of all the analytical parameters
  • Automatic calibration of each temperature probe by means of the calibration decade box
  • Storage of the data referred to the calibration
  • Last calibration date referred to each single probe displayed
  • Access to all analogue and digital signals (inlet and outlet) in order to verify their functioning.

Electrical Supply

  • 220V ± 15% / 50 to 60 Hz
  • 115V ± 15% / 60 Hz


  • width 75 cm
  • depth 61 cm
  • height 61 cm


  • 50 kg


  • LAB-101-883: diffuser stone (not certified)
  • LAB-101-887: mott metal cylindrical diffuser (tested and verified) – ASTM D6082

Spare Parts

  • LAB-101-883: diffuser stone (not certified)
  • LAB-101-880: graduated cylinder 1000 ml
  • LAB-101-882: rubber stopper, pack of 2 pcs.
  • LAB-140-002: PT100 probe
  • LAB-150-015: static relay
  • LAB-101/08-66: thermal fuses