200mm-400mm Length Pouch Cell Heat Sealer For Top

200mm-400mm Length Pouch Cell Heat Sealer For Top&Side Sealing

Model Number : TMAX-SFZ200
Compliance : CE Certified
Warranty : One Year limited warranty with lifetime support
Delivery Time : Instock

TMAX-SFZ200 is a compact heating sealer for sealing aluminum-laminated films during pouch cell (polymer Li-Ion cell) case preparation.
It can prepare the pouch cell for the injection of an electrolyte by sealing the side and top of the pouch cell with the tab.

Working principle
It is transmitted to the head (copper) through the resistance heating tube, and acts on the sealing material (aluminum laminated film) of lithium battery by using the heat conduction effect. Under a certain pressure, it is heated to become soft and close to the melting state to complete the compression fusion joint. The top seal and side seal can be realized without changing the mold.

Main features
1. Unique safety protection and anti scalding design, the temperature of upper and lower ironing head can be adjusted by the button on the temperature controller panel;
2. The head is made of copper material, which has good heat transfer effect, saves power consumption, improves working efficiency and saves energy compared with similar products;
3. The pressure of upper and lower heads can be adjusted by pressure regulating valve to meet the requirements of different process parameters;
4. The upper and lower heads are driven by air cylinder and guided by two linear guide sleeves, which can move up and down flexibly and guide accurately, so as to ensure the parallelism requirements of products after edge sealing;
5. It can be used for batteries of different specifications, and the adjustment is simple and convenient, and there is no need to adjust and replace the head;
6. The frame made of aluminum profile has beautiful appearance; the sheet metal adopts solid geometry design, which is simple and beautiful;
7. Small size, smooth and even sealing mark and beautiful edge sealing appearance;