Metal Beaker Heating Mantle

Metal Beaker Heating Mantle



Heating mantles are preferred to Bunsen burners or hot plates for organic liquids. They provide even heating (no hot spots) and maximum surface coverage for better temperature uniformity.

This beaker mantle covers both the bottom and the side for improved safety and efficiency of straight walled metal beakers.


Fabric Heating Mantles Feature:
• Fabric exterior provides effective heating in a space saving configuration
• Fabric interior to softly nest glass vessels to reduce the chance of thermal shock and damage to glassware
• Withstands 400°C internal operating temperature
• Ideal for bottom holes, viewing ports, and other tabulations
• All 115 volt units are CSA certified
• Electrical: Separable 4 foot 2 wire cord and locking connector

WARNING: chemical spillage, overheating, overloading, and general misuse will greatly reduce service life!