8 Channels Coin Cell Testing Board with Cable

8 Channels Coin Cell Testing Board with Cable & Optional Connector

Model Number : EQ-BC-8C
Compliance : CE Certified
Delivery Time : 2-7 day

1. 8 cables with optional connectors are included in the standard package for immediate use
l The connectors to the board are the banana plug for easy insertion and removal, the diameter of the eight round plugs of the Testing Board are around 4 mm. (AS Shown in pic-2), the Banana Plug of the cable are 4mm banana plug, Max wire diam.4.2mm
l Another end or of connector testing system are optional connectors (choose the right one for you from above “connector type” when order)
i. 4-pin bayonet connectors compatible with battery tester
ii. 4 alligator clamps (Two small for voltage and two big for current) compatible with other vendor’s testing system
2.If you are going to test half cell, suggest that you connect directly use battery tester
3.Built-in battery polarity check light will be on when right place the coin cell and press down the check button
4.Can test coin cell with diam. up to 25mm and compatible with most of the popular coin cell size, like CR2016, CR2032, CR2325, and CR2450
5.8 channels work independently
6.Easy battery insertion and removal
7.Holder Material: Polypropylene
8.Dimension: 230 mm L x 80 mm W x 32 mm H