Molresearch 310 series

Molecular™ Molresearch Series

The Molecular™ Molresearch system produces pure and ultrapure water straight from your tap water /distilled water supply. This model can meet your basic requirement to the laboratory water with a constant and reliable quality. With desktop and vertical design which can be placed wherever it’s convenient .


● Touch keyboard control, self-test, water shortage protection alarm, power-off protection.
● Built-in RO membrane fouling prevention program, RO membrane cleaning manual button.
● IC microcomputer intelligent control, built-in automatic cycle timing of ultra pure water to maintain the water quality.
● Water resistance on-line monitoring.
● Upgrade function for the quality and quantity of outlet water.
● Digital display water quality and water pressure.

2018 Catalog of Molecular lab water treatment machine
2018 Catalog of molecular water purifiaction system




Technical specifications of Molresearch laboratory water system

Water deionizer Consumable parts


●Conventional physical and chemical analysis experiment. e.g.: Toxicity test,quantitative analysis of trace element, buffer solution.
● ASS(atomic absorption spectroscopy )
● IC/ICP-MS element analysis.