Automatic Aluminum Laminated Film Case Forming Machine for Pouch Cell

Automatic Aluminum Laminated Film Case Forming Machine for Pouch Cell

Model Number : TMAX-ZDCK
Compliance : CE Certified
Warranty : One years limited warranty with lifetime technical support
Payment : L/C D/A D/P T/T Western Union
Delivery Time : 15 day

This machine is mainly used for forming aluminum laminated film of pouch cell case/cup. The upper stamping adopts 10t booster cylinder and the lower stamping adopts servo motor drive. Adopt mechatronics control, PLC and servo motor to precisely control the depth of hedging shell, and use touch screen to set, adjust and operate relevant parameters. Thus makes the machine equipment operation simplification, the accuracy is higher! Equipped with safety light curtain, access switch, double button start switch, safe, convenient, efficient, long service life; customers can provide their own mold, stamping various types of battery aluminum laminated film, to meet the process requirements.


1.1 Upper stamping part
1.1.1 the upper stamping is driven by servo electric cylinder, with stamping stroke of 90mm and working stroke of 10-80mm adjustable.
1.1.2 the pressing force is adjusted by inputting the pressing force through the touch screen, and the theoretical pressing force is 5T.
1.1.3 during manual operation, the maximum adjustable height of upper and lower formwork is 80mm (convenient for cleaning and replacing the formwork);
1.1.4 the stamping part is precisely positioned by four linear bearings and driven by the high-frequency wear-resistant guide rod to move the upper pressing plate repeatedly.

1.2 lower stamping part
1.2.1 it is driven by 1.5KW servo motor connected with 10:1 high-precision planetary reducer, and the connection part adopts 5mm pitch and 40mm diameter high-precision screw rod;.
1.2.2 the positioning adopts φ 28mm high-precision dense steel ball guide post, which cooperates with the guide sleeve to operate repeatedly.
1.2.3 the three die can adjust the punching depth by inputting the punching depth value on the touch screen, and the stroke is adjustable from 1 to 20 mm.
1.2.4 theoretical stamping output 2 tons.

1.3 mold part
1.3.1 three piece mold, according to customer requirements (this machine does not include mold)
1.3.2 module shell process shall be provided for mold order, and relevant parameters in the table below shall be filled in. The mold shall be made strictly according to the process.

1.4 rack part
1.4.1 the lower frame is made of square welding, and the surface is painted with computer white paint. The upper frame is composed of safety door, operation panel, door panel and aluminum profile.

1.5 circuit part:
1.5.1 the circuit part is composed of PLC, touch screen, solenoid valve, intermediate relay, grating, access control switch, etc. Through touch screen, man-machine dialogue is carried out, and security protection is carried out by grating and access control.