Molro 210 series type 3 water

Molecular™ MOLRO Series-Type III water

Molro system produces Type III water /distilled water straight from your tap water supply. It is our economical model for users which only need the pure water for chemical&physical inspection,analysis resolution preparation and laboratory water for instruments. Conductivity of the outlet water is 0~10 us/cm, which meet the Type III water quality of GB66822008 and ASTM CAP NCCLS standards.

Features for Molro water purifier

● Purified deionized /distilled water
● Integrated desktop water purifier to get type 3 water
● Conductivity display in LED screen
● Easy to clean, disinfect and drain off  the waste water
● Variable outlet water capacity from 5LPH to 100LPH

2018 Catalog of Molecular lab water treatment machine
2018 Catalog of molecular water purifiaction system




Typical flow chart


Conventional chemical physics test, solution preparation and cleaning pure water for instruments in lab.