High Accuracy Fully Automatic Rotary Welding

High Accuracy Fully Automatic Rotary Welding Head Single Side Spot Welding Machine

Model Number : TMAX-ZW-20S
Type : Automatic
Input Power : 2000W
Dimension(L*W*H) : 900mmLx900mmWx1650mmH
Compliance : CE Certified
Warranty : Two years limited warranty with lifetime technical support
Update : Optional
Shipping Port : Xiamen Port
Payment : L/C D/A D/P T/T Western Union
Delivery Time : 5day

Photovoltaic, power batteries, lithium nickel hydride batteries and other batteries are connected with nickel alloy sheet, aluminum-nickel composite strip, wire and guide, household appliances parts and guide connection, hardware accessories, copper-silver products, stainless steel peripheral connection, bulb foot welding, electronic parts, all kinds of high and low conductive metal welding, etc.

1. Induce load voltage, control voltage by feedback, and realize high quality welding.
2. Preheat, Main Heat’s power mode, preheating before welding, to ensure stable welding quality.
3. Keep the continuity of energy density, shorten the welding time, and reduce the deformation and color of base metal.
(Welding time controlled in microseconds, continuous output mode)
4. Easy to change from low current to high current, suitable for precision welding.
5. The upper and lower limits of current can be set to simply judge whether the welding quality is good or not, which is suitable for welding automation platform.
6. The welding current rises with the time of electrification to ensure the welding effect.

1. High stablity
2. Strong generalty
3. Production control
4. Long maintenance
5. Efficient and precise
6. Welding pulse width is adjustable, welding machine is firm and spatter is small, welding spot is not colored.
7. 10 Inch Touch screen, more convenient operation, more clear display
8. Three file programming modes, manual input, array and CAD schema import, simple and fast response to various complex program editing
9. The welding head has the function of air cooling or water cooling, which can effectively reduce the influence of the temperature of spot welding needle on the welding quality.
10. It can store 99 groups of files, which are easy to call and do not need complicated wiring and shunting process.
11. One-button calibration function for whole deviation of solder joint, which can be used to calibrate point deviation caused by needle replacement or other reasons.
12. Spot welding efficiency is higher, welding speed per spot is less than 0.35S (according to different speed of the selected welding machine), single side spot welding machine can reach 2800 cores per hour.
13. The core parts are imported from Japan and Taiwan. The accuracy, stability and service life of the machine are more than twice that of other parts made in China.
14. Welding automatic alarm and stop function, after clearing the fault can continue spot welding
15. Machine with power cut or breakpoint continue function, can manually adjust any position for spot welding
16. Welding machine can be optional, according to different requirements of customers, different welding machines can be selected to effectively meet customer needs.