Heating Roller Press Calender Machine For

Heating Roller Press Calender Machine For Li ion Battery Production Line

Model Number : Tmax-rolling1
Compliance : CE Certified
Warranty : 2 Year limited warranty with lifetime support
Payment : L/C D/A D/P T/T Western Union
Delivery Time : 30days

Characteristics of equipment:
TMAX rolling1 adapt to continuous rolling process for all kinds of lithium battery anode and cathode.
1. Rolling speed: 2~12r/pm, CVT adjustable.
2. Roller material: 9 Cr2Mo, Roller surface hardness: HRC 65~68
3. Gap adjustment method: Servo motor drive the middle wedge to adjust, mechanical self-locking.
4. Roller gap adjustment range: 0~2mm
5. Roller gap adjustment accuracy:1μm
6. Thickness uniformity of pole sheet after rolling: ≤±2μm. Maximum rolling form:3000 KN

Specifications of roller :

Installation site requirements
1. The moving space of the mixing drum on the front of the equipment shall not be less than 1500mm, and the left and right rear sides shall not be less than 500mm. The user must provide a separate power distribution switch and be responsible for the connection of the power supply external to the device.
2. installation area conditions
2.1 Power supply: three-phase AC 380±38V, frequency: 50±1Hz;
2.2 Vacuum: pressure -0.1MPA, vacuum tube DN25;
2.3 Nitrogen: pressure 0.1~0.2MPA, nitrogen pipe ¢12 gas pipe
2.4 Compressed air: 0.4~0.6MPA
2.5 hot and cold water: pressure ≤ 0.4MPA
3. energy consumption
3.1 compressed air consumption: 4L / hour
3.2 Hot and cold water consumption: 22000L / hour
3.3 Vacuum dosage: 265L/time
3.4 Nitrogen consumption: 265L/time
3.5 Electrical energy consumption: 33KW / hour
4. Please be sure to ground.

Warranty period and after-sales service
1. The warranty period is calculated from the date of shipment from the factory, and the warranty period is three years;
2. If the damage caused by the user’s human factors of Party A or Party A requires Party B’s door-to-door service and replacement of parts, a paid repair service will be implemented. Choosing your ideal planetary mixer here.