DHG-9000 Series Blast Air Oven Microprocessor

DHG-9000(101) Series Blast Air Oven Microprocessor Control(With Timing Function)








Product Overview

l   Interior of oven is made of specular steel by argon-arc-welding technics, and the exterior of oven is made of high-quality steel sheet with a beautiful and novel appearance.
l   Microprocessor PID temperature controller with temperature control protection, digits display and timing function ensures a precise and reliable temperature control.(Intelligent programmable       LCD temperature controller is an option).
l   Hot-air circulating system consists of a fan keeping running under a high temperature and proper air ducts to ensure a uniform distribution of temperature in chamber.
l   Independent alarm system for temperature-limiting ensur3es experiments fun safely and no accident would happen. (Option)
l   Recorder and printer are options which can print or record setting parameters and tracing variation curves of temperature. (Option)


l   Intelligent programmable LCD temperature controller
l   Independent temperature-limiting controller
l   RS485 Socket