Pouch Cell Single Work Station Automatic Stacking Machine

Pouch Cell Single Work Station Automatic Stacking Machine

Model Number : TMAX-YS-BZP200
Compliance : CE Certified
Warranty : One Year limited warranty with lifetime support
Payment : L/C D/A D/P T/T Western Union

Product Details

1.1 Equipment Overview

TMAX-YS-BZP200 is a high-accuracy automatic stacking machine with many advanced features to ensure a stable, repeatable and precise electrode stacking. In its “Z” fashion stacking method, Anode and Cathode electrodes are alternatively stacked with the seperator film in between.

1.2 Workflow

The separator takes the initiative to unwind and is led into the stacking table through the tension mechanism; the stacking table drives the separator to move back and forth to place the electrodes; the positive and negative electrodes are taken out from the left two material boxes by two sets of suction cups of the manipulator respectively, and then stacked on the stacking table after accurate positioning; after stacking, the battery core is transferred to the tail roll gluing station by the manipulator, and the tail roll is automatic ; the separator is cut off and automatically tapped.

The process flow chart is as follows:

1.3 Equipment features

1.3.1 Separator: active unwinding; tension control;separator deviation correction; separator electrostatic removal; separator alignment accuracy±0.5mm;
1.3.2 High precision: through the precise positioning of the electrode, the overall precision of the electrode in the stacking is guaranteed to be±0.3mm;
1.3.3 High efficiency: stacking speed can reach 0.6s~1s/pcs;
1.3.4 Dust protection: the material box and pre positioning are equipped with effective dust protection mechanism;
1.3.5 Reliability: the modules with high precision and constant motion of the equipment are fixed with locating pins;
1.3.6 Accurate electrode stacking number: missing electrode detection protection; anti extra electrode piece mechanism; extra electrode detection mechanism, effectively preventing extra electrodes from stacking into the battery core.
1.3.7 Electrode tab detection: detect the electrode with damaged tab and prevent it from stacking into the battery core mistakenly.
1.3.8 It can be confirmed according to the customer’s requirements, realize the switch of the material box through the handling of the manipulator, and cooperate with the automatic production line to automatically load and unload the material box.
1.3.9 It can be confirmed according to the customer’s requirements, and the stacked battery cores can be automatically unloading to the next assembly line.

2.Standard composition

3.Suitable battery size range(can be customized)

4. Technical parameters

Overview and schematic diagram of the whole machine