Battery Roll to Roll Continuous Electrode Slitting

Battery Roll to Roll Continuous Electrode Slitting Machine (300-750mm Width)

Model Number : Tmax-A-003
Compliance : CE Certified
Warranty : Two years limited warranty with lifetime technical support
Payment : L/C D/A D/P T/T Western Union
Delivery Time : 15 day



● Continuous slitting machine is through feeding, cutting, brush powder dust, material-collecting, after rolling the whole volume of the battery pole piece longitudinal cutting into the required width of automation equipment.
● The machine adopts a double tip cone support cylinder locking passive pole piece unwinding mode and realizes automatic deviation correction control through optical fiber tracking during unwinding, and a full-automatic closed-loop tension control system carries out unwinding tension control and realizes constant tension unwinding; An ultra-precision slitting tool apron realizes slitting and upper and lower shaft cross winding, a slip shaft carries out winding, a follow-up roller carries out position travel detection, feeds back winding roll diameter and automatically controls and adjusts winding linear speed and winding tension, and the tension of each strip is independently controlled to be kept consistent.
● Slitting tool apron: novel 110 tool apron, Φ110 blades, repeatedly polished upper and lower blades
● Dust removal system: when cutting blades on each piece of separate powdering vacuum aspiration, positive and negative pole piece rolling up and down after cutting hair brush powder and vacuum aspiration, can be synchronized to remove the dust on the plate, with a quiet type industrial dust collector.
● The slip shaft carries out winding, calculates roll diameter in real time and controls taper tension to ensure the tension uniformity and unwinding uniformity of each slit product.
● Adopt pneumatic cylinder to push winding roller, easy to operate.
● Scrap collection: drawing roller, two edge material traction alone, keep the outside edge of the two tension in accordance with article points the tension, plate edge defect detection function, equipped with large capacity waste tank.
● Control system: a PLC, a servo motor, a tension controller and a pneumatic element are famous imported products.
● Humanized operation: all common buttons are set on the right-hand side of an operator, when the operator stands in the face of the machine, the strips flow from left to right, and the machine can be operated by only one person.


The knife can be repeatedly repair mould
After winding sheet ,no lace, powder off, thief, fissure, fold, surface marks. Jagged quality defects, etc.
Display equipment malfunction alarm prompt functions, convenient maintenance

Technical Parameters: