15 mm Diameter Three-Electrode

15 Mm Diameter Three-Electrode Split Test Cell for R&D Coin Cell

Model Number : EQ-3ESTC
Net Weight : 2 Kg
MOQ : 1
Delivery Time : 7 days

1. The EQ-3ESTC split-able test cell is designed for R&D of rechargeable battery materials by testing three electrodes.
2. It is designed to test various electrodes easily and quickly by providing the user a structure to simulate assembled coin cells without the need to crimp actual coin cell cases.
3. Two sides of the test cell connect to both electrode (the anode and cathode), with the middle being connected to the reference electrode which can be used for monitoring voltage variations of the two electrodes.
4. This test cell can accept 15 mm diameter electrodes and 24mm separators.