Line of ovens 200


A range of laboratory ovens are designed for thermal treatment of various materials and parts up to 200°C. This electric oven is designed for thermal treatment such as drying, heating, thermal testing, aging and similar purposes in an air-flow environment. Good technical parameters ensure to high-quality results. This oven can be used in scientific laboratories, educational institutions, medicine and industry.

  • Inside casing in mild steel or 304 stainless steel,
  • 2 shelves,
  • Outside casing in metal sheet, powder painting grey,
  • Natural or forced air circulation,
  • Insulation rock wool (complete lack of asbestos),
  • Door opens to the right, inner door in stainless steel, silicon joint (24/200)
  • 2 doors, inner door in stainless/mild steel, silicon joint (200/200)
  • Microprocessor – temperature controller,
  • Low electric power usage,
  • Short heating up / cooling down period.