Automatic Vertical Plate Gap Coater For Battery

Automatic Vertical Plate Gap Coater For Battery Production Electrode Making or Tape Casting Preparation

Model Number : TMAX-XHT-7839L
Type : Automatic
Input Power : 18KW
Compliance : CE Certified
Warranty : One year limited warranty with lifetime technical support
Payment : L/C D/A D/P T/T Western Union


I. Brief introduction of whole machine
Equipment composition:
1. Unwinding mechanism
2. Coating mechanism
3. Oven mechanism
4. Traction mechanism
5. Rewinding mechanism
6. Control system

II. Technical parameters of battery electrode
a) Suitable substrate thickness: aluminum foil: 0.010-0.030mm, copper foil: 0.006-0.030mm;
b) Suitable substrate width: aluminum foil: 300-660mm, copper foil: 300-660mm;
c) Pole piece aluminum / copper foil coil size: core aperture 3 inches;
d) Technical requirements for coating winding up and unwinding: coil diameter ≤ φ 500mm, core diameter 3 inches;
e) Coating slurry characteristics: lithium ion battery positive / negative slurry, viscosity: 1000 ~ 15000cps; after the slurry is fully stirred to meet the requirements of battery coating, it is filled in a running tank and stirred continuously, so as to improve the coating performance of the slurry
f) Coating material system: lithium cobalt oxide, ternary material, lithium iron phosphate, lithium manganate (related to coating drying efficiency and speed); negative carbon graphite system;
g) Single side coating dry thickness (excluding substrate): 50-150 μ m;
h) Maximum wet coating thickness: 100-300um (under the allowable condition of slurry viscosity)

III. Main performance parameters:


Winding / unwinding mechanism

Coating mechanism

Oven mechanism

Traction mechanism

Control system

IV. Site environmental requirements:
1) Ambient temperature: head part 27 ± 3 ℃
2) Relative humidity: the head part is no more than 50 ℅ hr;
3) Compressed air: after drying, filtering and pressure stabilization: the air pressure is more than 5.0kg/cm2; the gas consumption is about 4m3 / h
4) Power supply: three phase 380V, 50 Hz, voltage fluctuation range: + 7% ~ – 7%; maximum power of the equipment is 173kw; (about 60% of the maximum power under normal operation is related to the solid content of slurry, etc.)
5) Ground wire: protective grounding.
6) Ground requirements: the foundation is cement ground or terrazzo ground, with flatness of ± 2mm / m2 and bearing capacity of 1000kg / m2;