Automatic Pouch Cell Battery Electrode Die Cutting Machine

Automatic Pouch Cell Battery Electrode Die Cutting Machine

Model Number : TMAX-A-005
Compliance : CE Certified
Warranty : Two years limited warranty with lifetime technical support
Payment : L/C D/A D/P T/T Western Union
Delivery Time : 15 day

Product Details

● Apply laminated technology gap or continuous coated sheet die cutting, stacked process;
● Raw material by rolling, floating roll tension control, automatic correction action again after feeding, automatic die cutting molding marching by slices manipulator will automatically stacked plate to lift in the manger; Auxiliary transport by carrier with the whole process, and a carrier with single put single ended, deviation, tension cache, dust, and other functions; Leftover material is transported by the carrier belt to leftover material collection barrels.
● Slitting tool apron: novel 110 tool apron, Φ110 blades, repeatedly polished upper and lower blades

● By rolling, auto adjustment and connect with platform
● Floating roller tension closed-loop control material, and storage of material function
● Carrier with single put single closed, automatic correction and collecting
● Floating roll strip tension closed-loop tension control
● Carrier strip through the brush to dust suction device
● Uses marching for accurately correcting strip
● With high precision optical fiber positioning servo precision confirm length pinch and then feeding
● Can die cutting several pieces in one time
● Stacking manipulator automatically take into the trough
● Trough adapt with the height of the anode/cathode properly
● Retainer with the leftover material will be auto delivered to leftover material barrel, for collected
● Top cone type rolling can be connected with auto rail car (optional)
● Double rectifying deflection of feeding mode to ensure feed accuracy
● Carrier have rewind function (optional)
● Automatic trough replace with stacking trough slot transporting drawstring docking (optional)
● Can be adapted to the incoming material for gap coating, continuous coating process

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