AE Analytical Balance









Product Overview

l  Touch screen display
l  Auto err diagnose and overload protection
l  Density measurement device optional
l  Customized application(base on weighing system) available

> Make routine lab work easy with user-friendly interface
> High-resolution color TFT, making high-contrast display of text and graphics available.
> Intuitive operation window, without having to read the manual first.
> Even could precisely handling when wearing multilayer laboratory gloves.
> Input/output interface, making data transfer easily and conveniently.


Intelligent Performance

²  High anti-shock capability, to guard balance against disruptions in service due to shock or sudden movements
²  Weighing speed, display mode/auto zero tracking adjustable
²  Full range auto tare, temperature compensation
²  Automatically error diagnose , overload protection and alarm function

Exquisite Design

²  Wind-shield door improves weighing efficiency
²  Multiple weighing units
²  Splash/spill and dust proof display, makeing it durable and extending its service time