Large with 200L Double Planetary Vacuum Mixer

Large with 200L Double Planetary Vacuum Mixer for Lithium Battery Slurry

Model Number : TMAX-PV-200L
Dimension(L*W*H) :  Length 2400x Width 1600x Height 2750mm
Net Weight : About 4.0 Tons
Compliance : CE Certified
Warranty : One year limited with lifetime support
MOQ : 1
Payment : L/C D/A D/P T/T Western Union
Delivery Time : 30 day

The working principle:
The low-speed agitating pulp and the serrated dispersing disc mounted on the high-speed dispersing shaft are both rotated and revolved (each operating according to the axis of rotation and rotating around the same axis around the same axis); At the same time, combined with the low clearance design of the stirring slurry, The low-speed stirring paddles produce strong kneading interference movement and up-and-down/left-right circular motion (from the macroscopic point of view, material collision, exchange, extrusion, kneading/coinciding and circulation, achieving mass transfer, heat transfer and reaction functions); The high-speed dispersing disc produces strong mechanical and hydraulic shearing action, which can fully/deeply break up the material; thus ultimately ensuring that the material is fully dispersed and uniformly blended (mixed). We can also offer Slurry Vacuum Mixer. Welcome your inquiry to us for more details.

Applicable Products:
1. Preparation of positive and negative propellers with a viscosity of 12,000-20,000 cp lithium ion batteries and preparation of other materials;
2. Not suitable for acetone solvent stirring.

Overall dimensions and weight of the equipment:
1. Dimensions: length 2400x width 1600x height 2750mm;
2. The weight of the whole machine: about 4.0 tons.

Equipment performance parameters:
1. Equipment production capacity: Design volume: 265L, use volume: 200L;
2. Mixing barrel specifications: inner diameter ¢ 750mm, depth 600mm; using SUS304 material, finish turning, fine grinding, double sandwich stainless steel water bath type.
3. Revolution:
3.1 Two sets of twist-type mixing paddles, SUS304 material, precision processing;
3.2 revolution speed: 0~31 rev / min, stirring paddle speed: 0-65 rev / min, frequency control.
3.3 Power: 15KW
3.4 Mixing paddle assembly accuracy:
3.4.1 The gap between the stirring and the barrel wall is 3-5mm, and the gap between the stirring paddle and the stirring paddle is 6-10 mm;
3.4.2 The gap between the stirring paddle and the bottom of the container is 4mm±1mm.
4. Self-rotation (2 sets)
4.1 Two sets of dispersing shafts, each with 2 φ155mm dispersing discs, SUS304 material;
4.2 Rotation speed: 0~3000 rev / min, frequency control.
4.3 Power: 22KW
5. The vacuum degree can reach -0.098Mpa, and the user can prepare the vacuum equipment;
6. Temperature control range: 20~90°C, temperature difference ±1°C, temperature measurement point is located in the inner wall of the barrel and is in direct contact with the material.
7. Material:
7.1 The material in contact with the material part is SUS304 stainless steel;
7.2 The main machine is made of Q235 steel.
8. Lifting stroke: 700mm, lifting method: hydraulic cylinder lifting mixing bucket.
9. Control method: manual control.

Safety protection:
1. There is an audible and visual alarm when the mixing tank rises or falls;
2. After the mixing tank is in place, the mixer can work;
3. The barrel body cannot be raised and lowered when the mixer is working;
4. Automatic protection of electrical appliances; emergency stop protection for operators;
5. Mixer, electrical cabinet and control box should be grounded.

Equipment technical parameters:
1. the equipment is suitable for viscosity: 1 thousand -20,000 cp;
2. the total power: about 37kw;
3. Vacuum: ≤-0.098Mpa;
4. Positive pressure of water-cooled jacket of mixing tank: ≤0.4Mpa.

Mixing bucket to circulate cooling water:
1. Cooling principle: After circulating water is cooled by the cooling tower, it enters the diversion channel of the mixing tank through the water inlet of the mixing tank.

Due to the flow guiding resistance of the diversion layer, the pressure difference between the water inlet and the water outlet is formed (the general pressure difference is 2-3 kg/cm2).

Thereby, the water flow speed is accelerated, and the heat generated in the mixing tank is taken away through the inner wall of the mixing tank in time. The water flow speed is controlled by adjusting the inlet water pressure to achieve the purpose of adjusting the temperature of the material in the barrel.

2. cooling water requirements:
2.1 The circulating water is cooled by the cooling tower, and the water temperature of the mixing tank inlet is ≤20°C;
2.2 The inlet pressure is 4-5kg/cm2.

Device Configuration
1. Main machine: the surface is painted, the color is blue + gray (can be matched according to user requirements);
2. the upper barrel: stainless steel production, a total of 1 set. Standard one DN140 feeding port, one ¢100 observation port, one ¢100 spotlight port, three-way vacuum three-way 3/4”, and one YX-100 vacuum table;
3. mixing barrel: made of stainless steel, a total of 1 set. Standard water-cooled jacket 1 (1 inch internal cold water inlet and outlet, 1 stainless steel quick connector), 1 inch ball valve controlled discharge port, heavy-duty corrosion-resistant movable wheel 4 1 barrel handle;
4. stirring paddle: SUS304 production, a total of 2 groups;
5. dispersion axis: SUS304 production, a total of 2 groups;
6. equipment configuration

Technical Parameters(for reference):

Installation site requirements
1. The moving space of the mixing drum on the front of the equipment shall not be less than 1500mm, and the left and right rear sides shall not be less than 500mm. The user must provide a separate power distribution switch and be responsible for the connection of the power supply external to the device.
2. installation area conditions
2.1 Power supply: three-phase AC 380±38V, frequency: 50±1Hz;
2.2 Vacuum: pressure -0.1MPA, vacuum tube DN25;
2.3 Nitrogen: pressure 0.1~0.2MPA, nitrogen pipe ¢12 gas pipe
2.4 Compressed air: 0.4~0.6MPA
2.5 hot and cold water: pressure ≤ 0.4MPA
3. energy consumption
3.1 compressed air consumption: 4L / hour
3.2 Hot and cold water consumption: 22000L / hour
3.3 Vacuum dosage: 265L/time
3.4 Nitrogen consumption: 265L/time
3.5 Electrical energy consumption: 33KW / hour
4. Please be sure to ground.

Warranty period and after-sales service
1. The warranty period is calculated from the date of shipment from the factory, and the warranty period is three years;
2. If the damage caused by the user’s human factors of Party A or Party A requires Party B’s door-to-door service and replacement of parts, a paid repair service will be implemented. Choosing your ideal planetary mixer here.