Automatic Cylindrical Battery PVC Heat Shrink Wrapping

Automatic Cylindrical Battery PVC Heat Shrink Wrapping Machine for Battery Pack Assembly

Model Number : Tmax-SK01
Type : Automatic
Input Power : 4KW
Dimension(L*W*H) : 3100*900*1800MM
Net Weight : 265KG
Compliance : CE Certified
Warranty : Two years limited warranty with lifetime technical support
Shipping Port : Xiamen Port
Payment : L/C D/A D/P T/T Western Union
Delivery Time : 5day


1. Equipment Description
1.1 Working Principle
It is a fully automatic surface pad and PVC shrinkage equipment designed for single battery packaging.
The heat shrinkable furnace is controlled by two temperature controllers, the control temperature is generally 100-180 degrees, divided into two sections;
When the U-shaped heating tube heats and contracts, the battery rotates, and the effect is better;
Use the custom high temperature magnet 300-400 degrees to drive the battery into the shrinking furnace;
The PVC membrane is sheathed into the battery, first into the first shrinking furnace for preheating, with a lower temperature; then into the second shrinking furnace, with a higher temperature.

1.2 Performance Characteristics
The design of the whole machine is humanized, reducing labor, saving cost and simple operation for single person.
Stable, high efficiency, safe and reliable operation, with automatic alarm function.
With complete functions and simple operation, it is suitable for mass production of batteries.

1.3 Basic Structure
1. The battery is put on the whole plate, automatically put on the battery, and the precision magnetic base is used to fix the battery;
2. Automatic cutting film cover:
Automatic feeding of whole roll shrinkage film, precise feeding of stepping motor; automatic load cutting, automatic film covering;
3. Automatic blanking pad:
Automatic blanking, automatic feeding, automatic blanking and cutting pad of the whole roll pad, automatic padding;
4. Automatic recycling of surface mat waste;
5. Automatic shrinkage blowing film: vertical rotary film, Omron temperature controller, accurate and uniform furnace temperature, excellent shrinkage effect;
6. The front can be connected with the sorter, the back can be connected with the inkjet printer, and the connection is convenient;
7. Made of imported components: Mitsubishi PLC, stepping motor driver, SMC pneumatic components, Omron pneumatic components, touch screen control switch;
8. Specification of shrink film and surface pad: roll form