Lovibond® Tintometer® PFXi-995/P

Lovibond® Tintometer® PFXi-995/P

The Lovibond® PFXi-995/P is a spectrophotometric colorimeter that is designed to meet the color analysis requirements of petroleum fuels, oils, waxes and petrochemicals. It provides objective, unbiased color data according to a full range of established industry scales, although the user can easily customize the PFXi-995/P to display only those scales of interest. Measurements can also be displayed in terms of spectral data and CIE values.

Remote Calibration & Maintenance Service via Internet (RCMSi)
Color measurement instruments need regular checking with calibration standards to ensure correct operation and compliance to established international standards. RCMSi is the process in which a number of tightly controlled calibration liquids are measured in a 50 mm cell* via the Calibration function of a PFXi. The data is communicated via the internet to a secure server and compared to Master Data. If the data passes within tolerance, then a Certificate of Calibration is e-mailed to the user. This allows The Tintometer Ltd to ensure a PFXi instrument is operating correctly and fully calibrated using ISO 17025 certified standards. So, users can be 100% confident that all PFXi readings are reliable. In addition, RCMSi eliminates the timely and costly need to return equipment to a service center unnecessarily.
Note: Please register before performing your first calibration. Certificates of Calibration are provided post process.
*(Please note 50mm cell must be used when performing RCMSi calibration.)





Bringing Precision and Reliability to Color Measurement

The accuracy, repeatability and reproducibility of data provided by the Lovibond® PFXi-995/P allow for tighter color specifications and greater color consistency, giving companies the confidence needed to make important decisions regarding high value consignments and refining operations. When measuring Saybolt or Pt-Co color of clear, water-white products, the long sample path length enables the PFXi-995/P to obtain precise color measurements, without multiplying errors.

Color Analysis Made Simple
The Lovibond® PFXi-995/P is an easy to use, automatic instrument. There is no need to build up calibration curves as they are already established in the instrument. The menu system guides operators through the selection of operating parameters. Thereafter, measurements are initiated by just a single key press and take less than 25 seconds to complete. The PFXi-995/P is supplied with a Windows software program, itted option for melting solid samples such as fats and waxes and maintaining them in a liquid state.
• Conformance filter sets
• Sets of graded glass filters, representing a spread of colors from each of the main scales, are available for quick and simple calibration checks.
• Certified color reference standards
• Ideal for routine calibration and verification of test data.


Color Scales * Scope Range Resolution
Saybolt color (ASTM D6045,ASTM D156, JIS K 2580) Light colored petroleum products including aviation fuels, kerosene, naphthas, white mineral oils, hydrocarbon solvents and petroleum waxes -16 (darkest) to +30 (lightest) 1
ASTM color (ASTM D6045, ASTM D1500, JIS K 2580) A wide range of petroleum products including lubricating oils, heating oils and diesel fuel oils 0.5 – 8 units 0.1
Pt-Co/Hazen/APHA (ASTM D1209) Clear liquids such as petroleum spirits, solvents and alcohols 0 – 500 mg Pt/l 1
Lovibond® RYBN (IP 17 Method A up to 6” path length) Petroleum products in terms of Lovibond Red,Yellow, Blue & Neutral units 0 – 70 Red,Yellow: 0 – 40 Blue; 0 – 3.9 Neutral
IP Units (IP 17 Method B) Light colored products such as refined undyed motor fuel, white spirit or kerosene Water White (0.25) to Standard White (4.0)
Gardner color (ASTM D1544, ASTM D6166) Chemicals and oils ranging from pale yellow to red, including resins Varnishes, drying oils and fatty acids 1 – 18 units 0.1
CIE Values (ASTM E308) X Y Z Tristimulus values, x y Y Chromaticity coordinates, L*C*h color space;CIE L*a*b* color space; ?E,Hunter L a b color space; E color difference Defined by spectrum locus -0.01% T,
Spectral data (420 – 710 nm) Transmittance, optical density (full spectrum & specified wavelengths) 0 – 100% T, 0.25 OD 0.01% T, 0.0001OD


 Measuring principle 16 interference filters
 Spectral response 420 – 710 nm
 Bandwidth 20 nm
 – chromaticity (x y) ± 0.0002
 – transmittance ± 0.25 %
 – Saybolt values ± 1
 Measurement time Less than 25 seconds
 Calibration Single key press; fully automated
 Light source 5 Volt, 10 Watt tungsten halogen lamp (lens ended)
 Illuminant CIE Illuminant A, C, D65
 Observer 2°, 10°
 Path length 0.004″ – 6″ (0.1 – 153 mm)
 Interface Parallel printer port, RS 232 port
 Input voltage Universal, via external power supply
 Approvals CE
 Display 2 x 40-character, back-lit LCD
 Keypad 21-key membrane keypad; washable polyester with audible feedback
 Instructions 7 languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch
 Heater unit Factory fitted option, 95°C max
 Instrument housing Fabricated sheet steel with tough, textured paint finish
 Dimensions Width 515mm, depth 195mm, height 170mm
 Weight 7.75 kg

The Lovibond® PFXi-995/P is supplied complete with Windows® software, optical glass cells for each of the color scales included, a calibrated glass conformance filter, a spare lamp and instructions. The addition of user specific scales to standard instruments will be considered.