Automatic PVC and Nickel Strip Cutting Machine

Automatic PVC and Nickel Strip Cutting Machine for Alloy Strip Cutting

Model Number : TMAX-CT1
Type : Automatic Cutting Machine
Input Power : 200W
Dimension(L*W*H) : 360*300*350mm
Net Weight : 30kg
Compliance : CE Certified
Warranty : 2 Year limited warranty with lifetime support
Place of Origin : China
Shipping Port : Xiamen
Payment : L/C D/A D/P T/T Western Union
Delivery Time : 3 days

The cutting machine is suitable for cutting tube, ribbon/webbing/belt, cable/wire, sheet, film etc.
Tube: PVC tube, heat shrink tube, PVC heat shrinking tube, fiberglass tube, Teflon tube, corrugated tube, etc.
Cable: Flat cable, copper wire, etc
Tape: nickel strip, hook and loop, cotton tape, elastic band, plastic tape, zipper, conductive tape,foam, etc
Sheet: battory separator, Nickel sheet, diffusersheet, plastic/rubber sheet, pvc sheet,etc
Film: plastic film, reflecting film, double-sided tape, Malar film, insulation paper, PE, Copper/Aluminum foil, release paper,etc

1.High speed: It can cut 100~120 cut per minute. (50mm long)
2.Accuracy: Cut-length is accurate, cut length can be set between 0.1-9999.9mm.
3.Cutting type: For cold cut and Optional hot cut. Hot cut suitable for materials that needs hot sealing, such as Nylon webbing, polyester webbing, etc.
4.Automatic operation: It works automatically only by setting length and quantity. Save labor, high efficiency.
5.Automatic stopper: It stops automatically if materials run out during operation
6.Memory: Set-length, set-q’ty & set-speed are not erased even if power off & on
7.Application:The cutting machine is suitable for cutting tubes, cable, webbing/ribbon/belt, small wire, sheet and film, etc.
8.High speed, high accuracy, designed for cutting non-adhesive materials.