AC Pulse Pneumatic Spot Welding Machine

AC Pulse Pneumatic Spot Welding Machine For Cylindrical Battery Welding

Model Number : TMAX-AC200
Type : Pneumatic
Input Power : 15 KW
Net Weight : 24kg
Compliance : CE Certified
Warranty : One years limited warranty with lifetime technical support
MOQ : 1
Payment : L/C D/A D/P T/T Western Union
Delivery Time : 5 day

This type of AC spot welder utilizes the general mains supply to lower the voltage and increase the electric current. Such kind of low voltage but large current will be transmitted from the electrode to the linked point of two work pieces. On the linkage, due to the resistance of work piece, high temperature will occur so the metal will therefore generates high heat to make the work pieces in molten condition. Thus, the purpose of welding the two work pieces is achieved.
It equipped with advanced 220V AC welding power supply, Suitable battery for pack spot welding and assembly in the factory.
This machine can assembling batteries like 18650, 26650, 21700… and Nickel or Nickel-Plated Steel strips. Which support battery pack like E-Bike, Scooter, electromobile …